New Second Life Pets: Tabby Cats!

Tabby Cats have arrived in SL, at The LOLO Pet Shop…..

★ Virtual Pets with a special health system, that you can really take care of on the day-to-day in Second Life! These cats are lively & animated.

To see more about my new Tabby Cats…. *Click here!*

The perfect XMAS gift for yourself, or for the cat lover on your list!*

*The cats are not transferable, so use the “Purchase as Gift” button for gifts on Xstreet SL.

★ Also available from The LOLO Pet Shop: Black Cats, Siamese Cats, White Cats, Tuxedo Cats…. & many more SL pets & animals!

To go inworld to The LOLO Pet Shop, click here.


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