Linden Labs & USS create new virtual sea!

I was happy to see this news on the Linden Lab blog:

Linden Lab & USS create Blake Sea!

As well as being an excellent way for Linden Lab to show care towards the sailing community (which it so nearly destroyed), to me this also is wonderful because it is allows the continued existence of a beautiful natural area (created by USS, United Sailing Sims), that all residents can explore & enjoy.

With all the hustle & bustle of malls, nightclubs, sky-rises, and post-apocalyptic combat zones….. it is nice to see a big wide area of nature represented, for a change.  What we choose to create in our virtual world shows what is important to us as a whole community.  SL, although virtual, can serve to remind us of the joy nature offers, and the importance of protecting our natural spaces.

At The LOLO Pet Shop, nature has always been our central focus too.  Wide open natural spaces, animals, pets, all the good natures.  Kudos to LL & USS for working together to create this space!


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