Nice Christmas News from Linden Labs

Judging from their blog, looks like Linden Lab‘s new site design is performing well; despite the worst fears of the resident flash-haters, the professional skeptics & the disgruntled “I-complain-about-absolutely-everything” whatevers…. So, this design soon goes live….. & thanks to this new design from Big Spaceship, we should now see more users than ever beginning their Second Life, and this can only help SL continue to expand and grow — likely at an even brisker, healthier clip in the coming new year.

This news item combines well with the Lab’s earlier news, of the construction of some big fiberoptic ring superstructure (dubbed LLnet) that will connect up all their servers better — allowing for higher server/database load. From my understanding, the only current limitation to SL’s expansion is Linden Lab’s teeny server/database capacity. Otherwise, I bet growth would be exploding right now. When the servers can handle more than the current maximum concurrency of 70,000 users without crashing out (clearly visible on this concurrency graph)….. & the influx of new users begins, due to Big Spaceship’s sweet welcoming experience…. 2009 should be a great year of growth for SL.

It’s exciting news for all residents, since the more people can be inworld all at once, the more interesting events can come together, the more fun new content will be created, & the more fun experiences can happen. There will simply just be a greater level of diversity to the already thriving community of SL……

Here’s to a great year…. now just beginning!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from your friends at The LOLO Pet Shop – your place for Second Life Pets & more!


2 responses to “Nice Christmas News from Linden Labs

  1. nice write up and i agree completely! especially the “I-complain-about-absolutely-everything” part! lol on that and amen, it’s the truth isn’t it? =D

  2. yeh some people are so quick to criticize everything! can they make a better grid? given a chance to work with the platform’s coding, would they have the foggiest notion how to improve upon it?

    its the same as someone who would always find complaints with restaurant food, yet can’t cook for themselves lol…..

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