Today in Second Life

What an eventful day in SL today….. first, I look at the Lindex, and its going crazy! The L$ was spiking up dramatically. I closed trades today, at 235 $L! Wow! Last I looked, the Linden Dollar had corrected slightly (as can only be expected), floating around the 250 $L mark.

Sometimes, I hear skeptics expressing doubts about the strength of SL’s economy (Indeed, some people like to talk all the time, as though SL is dying.), but today’s bull market showed strongly to the contrary. A new strength seems to have appeared behind the Linden Dollar – today skyrocketing it to brand new heights against the USD! I wonder what the resident doubters will say now? Maybe these people will be a little confident, relax & be happy now.

Luckily I got some trades in and out, at the right timing. That will definitely help me pay the bills this month. 🙂

After an exciting afternoon of trading, things settled down marketwise, so then I finished testing of, and released my new PIXEL DUCK AVATAR! This duck is old arcade style 3-D BLOCK.

It has an AO to fly, walk, and an animation for standing too.


Yay! You can pick up these duckies now, right here on this XstreetSL link….. or inworld at The LOLO Pet Shop.

I had just finished setting up my PIXEL DUCK on XstreetSL, and so I was reading over Dusty Linden’s reminiscences of this year’s fun times at Burning Life 2008, when suddenly Rodney Linden appeared in my skybox for a visit. This was surprising to me, as usually nobody much visits my little workstation in the sky. Before dashing away, he gave me this bear, which is very cute eh?


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