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The Future of Second Life: Internationality

Clare Linden writes today, on the Linden blog, about the international nature of SL. I think this is a great focus, for Linden Lab to be thinking of in 2009. If the SL platform is to build upon & truly supersede the current Web 1.0 (or debatably Web 2.0) platform of today’s proto-internet, it will need dynamic & far-reaching new capabilities. Breaking down the borders of language, as we explore our multi-cultural heritage together, is a great starting point.

Having something of an international lifestyle myself, I have seen how communities can be isolated by barriers of nationality (hard to cross borders), lack of proximity, geography (mountains or sea), and language. Perhaps Second Life can help bring us all a little closer together — which is especially important as we face together new challenges that demand ever-greater global co-operation.

At sometime in the future, Linden Labs should go all the way, & be international. Escape the clutches of nationalism & provincialism. Get all that equipment out of America & break free into international waters, as Google is currently considering…. that idea strikes me as sheer brilliance.