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Linden Lab gives a heads up to scripters: Be efficient!

Many scripters may miss this news, as its put in with a blog entry dealing with Openspaces….. I don’t own an Openspace, but I have made a habit of glancing over any new Linden news release. Reading this article, I found out there is going to be some script limits put in place soon.

Script Limits: Scary Stuff ?

Nobody likes to hear of imposed limitations….. we already have our Prim Limits & Particle Limits, after all…..

Should we be crying for “Freedom” or “NO LIMITS – EXTREME”?

Jack Linden carefully explains why limits are necessary, and it makes sense, at least from my initial reading. Regardless, without a doubt, you’ll hear somebody or another panicking about this soon, at a sim near you….. Somebody will probably rant & threaten to leave SL forever because of this issue…… (I’d bet you 1 $L, if wagering wasn’t illegal in SL.) However, are script limits a bad thing? In my opinion, I think this is likely to be a good thing. Sensible limits are good. Keeping lag down – makes the Second Life experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Grid-Wide Script Limits?

On one point, I found the language used on the LL blog to be a little unclear:

To maintain the best performance for all our Residents, we recognize that script limits are necessary. This is especially true for those products like Homesteads and Openspaces where there are multiple regions sharing a CPU.

So, are we talking about a wider context here than just the Openspaces? Will all regions have some sort of limit imposed? Reading on, I got curious of other implications. Will the limits be per object or per region? Perhaps, us scripters will get some snazzy new performance monitoring tools? I hope so! Will there be Linden-provided efficiency training for the hopelessly inefficient scripter? Probably not!

I do hope the new limits are not too overly draconian….. Ahem…. Dear Lindens, please do leave the people enough room to have a sensibly-scripted animal, or two, running about here and there….. 😉

This move should be good though, as it will finally force all scripters to learn to write more efficiently & force users everywhere to abandon their horribly laggy scripted items for good.

Less lag everywhere soon….. HOORAY!….. I think….. o_O

So what exactly will Linden Lab do here? As a provider of scripted items, I’ll be paying close attention to this, and as always, look to write the least memory-consumptive scripts possible for my creations. We all have the most fun when we’re not lagging! 🙂