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Squirrels appearing all over Second Life!

New from The LOLO Pet Shop, squirrels have been created now in SL!

Perhaps the most common inner-city animal across North America, they are now appearing in Second Life too. They are alive & animated…. running about, sitting up sometimes to look about — they explore & move about all on their own!

There’s lots of empty green lawns around Second Life. For example look at the photos in the linden blog today. Pretty nice places….. all those hotels, universities, and, colleges in Second Life, with great big, clean cut lawns….. but where is the wild life? Perhaps we will soon see some of those areas infested with these cute little rodents. 🙂

I created the three most commonly seen types of squirrels: Red Squirrels, Gray Squirrels, Black Squirrels…. you can see more about them here on The LOLO Official blog page.

Squirrels are just adorable & I think most people agree. Occasionally, I run across someone who has a phobia of them, or despises them intensely….. thinking they are dirty like rats and should be exterminated?

Well, they are technically rodents in truth….. but very cute ones. Like it or not, squirrels are here to stay in Second Life.

Want squirrels for your land? You can buy some inworld here, or from Xstreet SL (a very convenient SL shopping site).