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Avatar-eating dinosaurs appear in SL!

Today M Linden wishes us all a happy new year, and talks of his explorations over the last seven months. The new year time is a great time to reflect, and plan for what to do next. M lists his favorite places that he has discovered so far, and asks us to share ours

My favorite spot in the whole big virtual world Second Life offers, is my own little creation cubbyhole above the clouds. Up there, there is no distractions, & it is there that I can create freely whatever comes to mind. That, for me is more exciting than all else SL offers – I just love making stuff, its so addictive. Seeing the joy my creation brings to other people, inspires me to create more.

Today, I finally finished a MAJOR project of mine. I’ve worked on this on-and-off for 6 months……

LOLO T-rex

I created a free-roaming T-rex, all animated, that can eat Second Life avatars! When I was a kid, I used to be totally obsessed with dinosaurs. It totally took me back, making this big Tyrannosaurus rex. I am happy to be ending this year of creating in SL by finishing this major piece of work…. it feels good to complete something like this.

Now I can freshly plan out what new stuff to make for 2009. 🙂

T-rex box art graphic

Want to get your own T-rex? My T-rexes are now available from The LOLO Pet Shop. To go there, click this Second Life link. You can also check out the T-rexes and read more about their specific features, by clicking on this link to XstreetSL.

See you all next year!

Best wishes,