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Wow! LL buys XstreetSL & OnRez. My predictions on the outcome….

Seems everybody is talking about the new deal. I looked around at the info out there and now I am starting to develop an idea in my mind of what the likely outcome will be. Here’s my thoughts on various facets of the matter…..

Un-needed load from Web-to-SL communications:

Right now these two market websites operate by requesting communications from outside Second Life. It has never been an optimally functioning system. More of a clever hack to get it to work at all. The way LSL operates, there is all kinds of delays, transactions get lost, items get misdelivered.

And now all that extra communication from offworld is only a big un-needed load of database queries to slow everything down — now Xstreet has been eaten by Linden Labs — this way of communicating will be first to go.

Expect “Magic Box” to be eliminated:

Why have these boxes talking to SL, from outside of SL anymore? I suspect there will be a simple checkbox on the prim, similar to how “show in search” is implemented now. Getting rid of these boxes eliminates load and would be a very logical solution for LL to implement.  When you checked this box, you might get a pop-up window saying “To list your item on Xstreet, please visit the Xstreet marketplace to write a description & add your product pictures.  Otherwise your item will not be listed!“.  They’d have to do something like that, to save the Xstreet marketplace from being swamped with blank/incomplete listings.

Selling Xstreet SL items from your inworld inventory:

Don’t bet on it. Seems the popular theory….. I’ve read a few people theorizing that LL will set things up this way, eventually. Sorry, don’t think so….. not gonna happen….

Firstly, can your inventory currently be active in any way, or “For Sale” now from your inventory? NO. Secondly, imagine you are Linden Labs. Your business is selling land and prims. So would you then allow these items to sell, when not placed out inworld? I’m guessing no. A lot of owners of tiny shops will have to work something out there to replace their single inworld prim (their magic box) with theiritems placed out inworld on their newly purchased little plot of land, I’m guessing.

Staying ahead of the game:

Buying XstreetSL, with the years of development behind it and thriving marketplace of merchants/customers, pulls Linden Lab another big leap ahead of the competition. If LL had not bought Xstreet, some other grid could have eventually in future seized control of it, and even delisted all the SL stuff (if they wanted to be real nasty). VirtuaTrade, as far as I understood, was planning on dealing with other grids…… Now the other grids get nada…. they got to develop their own stuff, or use so-far-nonexistent third-party sites — this is assuming any of them actually develop a working economic system in the first place — which none have really accomplished properly yet.

Exciting time…… My advice: roll with the change (whatever happens) and try to make the best of it.